Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gülen Çağdaş

Gulen CagdasThe founder of Program of Computational Design in Architecture at ITU, Gülen Çağdaş will be talking about the brief history of Computer Aided Design; Potentials of Digital Media; Potentials of Computational Design approach; Scientific approaches to Design; Different approaches to the Computational Design process; Reflection of Computational Design to Education; Building Information Modelling as an integrated media for Architecture.

A graduate of İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Gülen Çağdaş has taught at the same faculty since 1981 and has been weorking as a full-time professor since 1997. She is currently head of the Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Guests of the Panel_02: Cansu Günaydın

cansu gunaydinCansu Günaydın received her B.Arch degree in 2011, and minors in Industrial Design Department of Product Design in 2012 from Izmir University of Economics. After graduation worked in Izmir Chamber of Commerce for 2 years for several projects related to urban planning/rehabilitation and design, restoration, education and office buildings, public buildings as an architect. She received her Masters in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture  from Elisava Design and Engineering School affiliated to Pompu Fabra University in 2015. Her expertise on biomimetics, material systems, adaptive systems ,design and computation, and digital fabrication. From 2015, she has been working as part-time lecturer in İzmir University of Economics.

Guests of the Panel_02: Gülce Özmen

GulceGülce Özmen was born in Ankara in 1993. She has completed her first, middle and high school education in TED Ankara College. She has graduated from Ted Ankara in 2011 and registered to İzmir University of Economics , Department of Architecture in the same year. During 2013-2014 academical year, she has participated in the ERASMUS programme and went to University of Bologna, Faculty of Architecture for one year. After her return, in 2014 she continued her education in IEU and established CUT PAPER Design Community with three other colleagues. At the same time she has enrolled to 4+1 Masters Degree in IEU.

She still continues her education in IEU as a fourth year student, chairs CUT PAPER Design Community and proceeds 4+1 Masters Degree in IEU.

Guests of the Panel_02: Müge Halıcı

Muge HaliciSüheyla Müge Halıcı was graduated from Bornova Anadolu High School in 2008. She received Bachelor of Architecture degree from Yaşar University in 2014. She has worked in several architectural studios for award-winning architectural competition projects. Currently, she is a master student at Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Department of Informatics, Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program and she is working in TÜBİTAK project (1001). Also, she is leading augmented reality projects in Cankut Bagana Innovation Laboratory. Her academic interests are design cognition, augmented reality, digital parametric design and mobile space.

Guests of the Panel_01: Sema Alaçam

Sema AlacamDr. Sema Alaçam is an architect and a lecturer at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Architecture, Department o Architecture. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from ITU in 2005 and Master of Architecture degree from Architectural Design Computing graduate program of ITU in 2008. She attended Hyperbody Research Group Studies in TU Delft, Netherlands during 2006. Received her PhD in 2014, she was among the first generation PhD students at Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program in Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Department of Informatics of ITU where she also worked as a research and teaching assistant between 2007 and 2014. She worked at ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture, Chair of Structural Design in 2013-2014 during her PhD studies as an academic guest. Both her master and PhD research studies have been supported by BAP-ITU(Scientific and Projects-ITU) and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) under the number of 2210, 2211 and 2214-A.

Apart from the undergraduate architectural design studio, she teaches various graduate courses related to the computational design and fabrication approaches in architecture. She has numerous papers presented and printed in national and international conferences.

Guests of the Panel_01: Ahu Sökmenoğlu

Ahu SokmenogluBorn in 1978, Istanbul, Ahu Sökmenoğlu Sohtorik is an architect and a Research Assistant at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She received a BSc. degree in Architecture from ITU, in 2002 and a MSc. degree in Architectural Design Computing from ITU Institute of Informatics, in 2005 and started her doctoral studies. Between 2002-2005 she also worked in several architectural firms in Istanbul. Since 2005 she has been working as a research assistant and lecturing in ITU Department of Architecture. Between 2007-2008 she was a guest researcher at TU Delft where she started a joint doctorate program supervised by the Computation and Performance Unit of TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with the Architectural Design Doctorate Program of ITU Institute of Science and Technology. In 2009 she was awarded a HUYGENS Scholarship given by NUFFIC – the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education.

Guests of the Panel_01: Mine Özkar

Mine OzkarMine Özkar is an associate professor of architecture at Istanbul Technical University, where she is the coordinator of the Program in Computational Design and teaches computational theory and architectural design. Holding a professional BArch from METU, she earned her MS in design inquiry and PhD in design and computation from MIT. In some of her previous work, she has interpreted the history and theory of progressive pedagogy in art and design from a computational perspective. She has also collaborated in research on the on-going global and local curriculum reforms in architectural education. Her current research focuses on visual/spatial/material computation, design methods and the integration of computation to foundational design education. She co-edited a book titled Shaping Design Teaching and was a Visiting Professor in the MIT Department of Architecture Computation Group during Spring term of 2013. For more information: