Trans_Arch_Edu wrap-up session

After a wonderful day of debate on current topics surrounding the shifting nature of architectural education, Panel participants again took the podium to interrogate the issues presented throughout the day. 

Gülce Özmen, a member of the CUT|PAPER architectural community, presented the results of an informal survey conducted to collect student feedback on the system of architectural education.


Tuğyan Aytaç Dural led the the session, opening with the question: do we analyze the material enough? Do we really know the skills of the students well enough to define a better design education?


Everyone shared their ideas, criticisms and suggestions and the discussion raised issues of “monolithic” thinking,  the applicability of architectural education, as well as needs for selective admissions standards, and how to identify new knowledge areas for architectural students.

Thanks to the Izmir University of Economics Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences for their support and sponsorship of this event.  Thanks also to our guests for the generous gift of their time and ideas, and to everyone for the openness of the debate. Izmir University of Economics Department of Architecture hopes to be an active voice in the debate on and an advocate for improving excellence in architectural education.