Guests of the Panel_02: Gülce Özmen

GulceGülce Özmen was born in Ankara in 1993. She has completed her first, middle and high school education in TED Ankara College. She has graduated from Ted Ankara in 2011 and registered to İzmir University of Economics , Department of Architecture in the same year. During 2013-2014 academical year, she has participated in the ERASMUS programme and went to University of Bologna, Faculty of Architecture for one year. After her return, in 2014 she continued her education in IEU and established CUT PAPER Design Community with three other colleagues. At the same time she has enrolled to 4+1 Masters Degree in IEU.

She still continues her education in IEU as a fourth year student, chairs CUT PAPER Design Community and proceeds 4+1 Masters Degree in IEU.