Urban Analytics: Today and Tomorrow

Han and Kamber (2006) described the late 1990s as the period of data science, resulting from the enormous increase in data enabled by developments in data capturing and storing technologies. Recently, the rise of data science has boosted quantitative urban analysis and a new line of research often called urban analytics or urban informatics has emerged. Academic interest in this topic is growing and new research programmes are being offered by leading universities and research institutions. Urban analytics research mainly focuses on how new advanced analytical methods can be used to improve our understanding of cities in order to make more informed decisions in urban design and planning processes. The main goals of the presentation are: to briefly examine recent developments in urban analytics and to discuss the implications of urban analytics for the future of urban planning, urban design and architectural education and research.

Ahu Sökmenoğlu
16th December 2015 | 11.00-12.30 | Media Room