Dr. Ahu Sökmenoğlu on Urban Analytics

  Next up is Dr. Ahu Sökmenoğlu, also from Istanbul Technical University.


Dr. Sökmenoğlu is outlining the role of data mining in current trends in urban analysis. This data comes from GIS databases, but also from live data collecting such as traffic signal operations. The collection and analysis of this data shows potentials for improving life in cities.

Her own PhD research focused on the Beyoğlu Preservation area in Istanbul in creating an analytical model for understanding building characteristics and their influences in terms of ground-floor use patterns, site occupation, size, etc. Such models can support better urban decision making. Evolutionary algorithms test the “fitness” of solutions to the surrounding area.

The streets ore project at MIT uses image mining techniques to assess people’s perceptions of street safety and map that data onto neighborhoods.


The crucial issue for design is the “post-processing” of the mined database. How can architects draw conclusions from data sets and set directions for cities and peacemaking? Dr. Sökmenoğlu believes a new generation at data mining expert/architects is required.