The Trans_Arch_Edu_03 lecture of Dr. Biloria shall elaborate upon “Info-Matter”, a research umbrella, which, interrogates the intricate relationship between information flow and associative material formations at variable scales in the architectural domain via the application of advanced computational and new media tools and techniques. Info-Matter is deeply rooted in exploring novel interdisciplinary design strategies and nonlinear processes for developing generative meta-design systems to conceive Performance driven Non-Standard and Real-Time Interactive architectural formations. The presentation shall elaborate upon the following research and education strands  under the Info-Matter agenda:

– Interactive Architecture

– Interactive Architecture and Cognitive Sciences

– Performance Driven Design

– Smart Cities

 18 May Tuesday, 14.20

biloria imageDr. Nimish Biloria is an Assistant Professor at the, Architectural Engineering and Technology Department (Chair: Hyperbody) at the Delft University or Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. He firmly believes in digitally driven bottom-up methodologies for developing performance driven sustainable and energy efficient design solutions. His research and education interests in data driven Performative Design and Interactive Architecture are clubbed under the research umbrella ‘Info-Matter’. He holds a PhD from the Delft University of Technology in the domain of Interactive Environments and a Masters in Architecture in Emergent Technologies and Design from the Architectural Association, London, UK. He has lectured at several prestigious institutes globally and has presented and published his research and design deductions in numerous international journals, design conferences, academic books and design + technology magazines.