The talk will focus on the relationship between academia and practice within the current paradigm of computational design (or rather Systems Theory). Over the last decades the 3rd industrial revolution has had a sweeping impact on society. The Architectural profession has not been immune and is dealing with both theoretical and technological changes. There is a willingness amongst the “leading” thinkers of the profession not to repeat the previous late reactions to the new conditions.
Architecture, and design, is a “trade” profession and needs to maintain a connection to the profession to stay relevant. Have design schools responded to the changing professional environment? As Bauhaus was a response to the Modernistic reaction to the 2nd Industrialization, where is the school responding to the 3rd?

29 April Wednesday, 12.00
İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design


Gudjon Thor Erlendsson is the founder and principal of AUDB a London based architectural office. For the last 5 years he has worked as an architect and University lecturer at the Architectural Department at the Izmir University of Economics. Gudjon graduated from the Architectural Association in London in 1999. Since then he has been practicing as an architect as well as being engaged in research and high profile projects and collaborations, such as the ‘Landscraper Inhabitable Bridge’ with Ocean. Previously he has been a visiting tutor at the Academy of Arts in Iceland and lectured at Lund University Sweden amongst others.

Gudjon Thor Erlendsson BA(Hons) AA(Dipl) RIBA Gudjon’s work has been published widely and he has won national and international awards for his work. In 2014 he collaborated in the “Think Micro” modular floating dock project which was exhibited and the 2nd Istanbul Biennal and won the second price in the UN Habitad and Guardian “World Cities Day Challenge”.