Since the early nineties, virtual reconstructions are part of the architectural education in the department Information and Communication Technologies in Architecture at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany). In an interdisciplinary cooperation with the department of art history numerous projects were carried out. A lot of them were shown in exhibitions in Germany. The possibility that their work would be part of a professional exhibition was a great motivation for the students.

In the speech Marc Grellert will show a selection of the work in Darmstadt and talk about the potentials, the procedures and the different forms of presentation of virtual reconstructions. A focus will be the transformation of virtual models into physical models through rapid prototyping.

29 April Wednesday, 11:30
İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design


Dr. Marc Grellert teaches in the Department Digital Design[1] and is co-founder of the company Architectura Virtualis[2]. The focus of his research and work are virtual reconstructions, remembrance and conveying of knowledge with the help of digital media as well as development and realization of installations and exhibits for museums.
At Darmstadt University Marc Grellert has led numerous national and international research projects in the context of Virtual Reconstruction e.g. the Vatican Palace in Rome, the Moscow Kremlin, Emperor Tombs in Xi’an“(China, Terracotta Warriors), Temples of the Khmer in Cambodia, Ephesus (Turkey), Cristal Palace in London or 2013 the History of the Cathedral in Florence. The results were shown in large exhibitions.




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