Mine Özkar on computation and basic design

The first panel session of TRANS_ARCH_EDU_02 is underway and first up is Dr. Mine Özkar of Istanbul Technical University. 

Dr. Özkar presented several frameworks for understanding computation as a design pedagogy as seen in basic design studio work. First and foremost, she emphasized her understanding of the pedagogical content of the design studio: knowledge, skill, and attitude.

Knowledge consists of organizing principles used to produce design works.

The studio process which passes from production to comparison to evaluation, resulting in the development of design strategies. Examples from first-year design studios in Istanbul and Izmir demonstrated the principles at work

Dr. Özkar concludes that teaching e students to recognize similarities and create repetition, furthermore, to develop variation within that repetition presents significant learning opportunities for students. 

The relationships between  repetition and variation can model and be  be modeled by computational techniques as her applied research in teaching design studios has shown.